Reliable, Cost-Effective Data 

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What We Do


Syndicated Data Products

Prepackaged daily data from our core subscription products: 

  • Media Measurement (TV, radio, print)
  • Retail Measurement
  • Food & Agriculture

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On Demand Research 

Cost-effective global data collected to your own specifications:

  • Key Performance Indicator tracking
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Longitudinal data at less cost than face-to-face

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Featured Product: Media Measurement

Media MeasurementGeoPoll is the largest provider of overnight audience measurement data in Africa, covering 360 million people with daily TV, radio, and print ratings. 

Core advantages:

  • Tracks consumer behavior, even out of the home
  • Reduces the impact of survey limitations
  • Allows for immediate action based on market changes

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On Demand Research 


Track what's important to your organization

On Demand Services allow you to tap into GeoPoll's user database to conduct one-off, recurring, or daily surveys tailored to your organization. 

Uses include:

  • Brand tracking
  • Custom panel creation
  • Longitudinal studies 

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Recent Data

Gain insights from some of GeoPoll's most recent data, as displayed through The GeoPoll Dashboard. 

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