Fast, Accurate, Global Data.

GeoPoll is a mobile surveying platform revolutionizing the way data is collected. GeoPoll connects researchers directly to mobile phone users in just about every country in the world, reaching people from dense urban areas to remote villages. By harnessing the immense power and reach of the mobile phone, GeoPoll delivers reliable results faster and cheaper than ever before.

Our database of over 110 million users and global reach allows you to identify, target, and understand audiences more quickly and accurately than ever before. Learn more about our subscription products in the GeoPoll Knowledge Center, or create a custom survey with GeoPoll On Demand.


How GeoPoll Works

Create Questions

Create a short mobile survey (SMS, voice, or mobile web).

Select Audience

Select your audience from the GeoPoll global network of users.

Send Survey

Send to users who complete the survey and receive airtime credit or mobile money.

Analyze Results

Data is returned within days from survey creation.

GeoPoll Coverage

Roll your mouse over the map to discover GeoPoll activity throughout the world. 
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Featured Case Studies

How the Money Flows: International Remittances in Tunisia
Through a pilot SMS study, GeoPoll and InterMedia understand the river of money flowing from people living abroad back to their countries of origin.