Collect and analyze real-time data from emerging markets

geopoll on demand

GeoPoll On Demand allows you to create and send your own survey to our database of over 300 million users in Africa, Asia and Middle East and get results back within hours.

1. Select your Sample

Select a sample from GeoPoll's database of over 200 million users. Choose a nationally representative sample or segment by age, gender, and location.

2. Create your survey

Write your questions and answer options, which can be single choice, open-ended, or select-all-that-apply. You can also dictate skip patterns where necessary.

3. Send survey

Send your survey with just the click of a button. GeoPoll's team will review your survey and send it via SMS to your selected sample.

4. Get results

Results are delivered to your GeoPoll account within just hours. Data is displayed on an interactive dashboard, or you can download the results in excel.

GeoPoll Enterprise

If you're looking to conduct ongoing research, multi-country surveys, reach the same respondents over time, or simply have someone walk you through the survey creation process, GeoPoll Enterprise is for you.


Survey any GeoPoll Plus country and conduct multi-country surveys.

Send surveys by Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) or mobile web in additon to SMS.

Build a custom panel based on specific requirements, such as parents with children aged 2 and under.

Conduct ongoing (daily, weekly, monthly) surveys with the same panel or new respondents.

Build longer surveys which can be adminstered to the same respondents in several modules.

Get advice on question order and wording from GeoPoll's research team.

Fast, simple, cost-effective global data. GeoPoll has been used to collect data on everything from agricultural loans in Nigeria to the top brands in Africa.