Reach and effectiveness of out of home advertisements across Africa.

Out of Home Measurement

This joint product from GeoPoll, Kantar Media, and Cuende provides unprecedented, robust data on the reach of billboards, transport ads, and other OOH mediums in major urban areas throughout Africa.

This data allows brands and agencies to accurately gauge the effectiveness and ROI of their OOH advertisements. Using a cutting-edge combination of GeoPoll mobile survey data and satellite imagery, this product provides accurate, reliable data not only on where and when foot and vehicle traffic is most heavy, but also what demographic groups are viewing each OOH advertisement.

Features of OOH Measurement:

  1. Reach and ratings data for billboards and other OOH advertisements in major metropolitan areas throughout Africa.
  2. Information on trip habits of different demographic groups on weekends and weekdays.
  3. Popular transport methods (foot, car, taxi, bus) broken down by demographics.
  4. Data integrated into OOH planning software so agencies and brands can easily calculate the ROI of different OOH advertisements.